Here are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) by tourists looking to book a trip to Sagada.

ALL information stated here are up to date and are based on current regulations imposed by the Local Government Unit of Sagada.

What are the requirements for tourists entering Sagada?
  • Registration at the Umali Kayo Registration Portal
    • All tourists (including minors) entering Sagada must be registered in Umali Kayo prior to arrival.
    • Please be reminded that a pre-requisite to online registration is at least a 1-night booking in a DOT-accredited and LGU-certified accommodation establishment
      • You may see a list of accredited accommodation establishments here.


I am fully vaccinated, do I still need to present a negative COVID-19 test result?


How do I register in the Umali Kayo Registration Portal?
  • First, you must book at least a 1 night stay in a DOT-accredited and LGU-certified accommodation establishment.
    • If you do not yet have an accommodation, you may choose from the list here.
  • After securing your booking, your accommodation will give you an access code which you will use to be able to register in the Umali Kayo Registration Portal.
    • Your code should contain two letters followed by six numbers (e.g. AP123456).
    • Each code will accommodate one person (i.e. 1 code = 1 person).
      • ALL individuals in your group, including minors must be registered online prior to your arrival.
    • Double check your details and make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid problems in registration.
  • After completing your registration, print your Registration Summary and generate your QR code to be presented at the border of Sagada.
    • Each guest or tourist must have his or her own individual Registration Summary or QR Code.

What are the tours currently allowed in Sagada?
  • You may check a list of available tours here.
  • Tourists arriving after 5PM shall only be able to arrange their tours with the Municipal Tourism Office the following day unless they have booked in advance thru or have prior coordination with the Municipal Tourism Office.

How do I book a tour?

  • You may book a tour online here.
  • You may also book your tours at the Tourist Information Office in Sagada which will be open from 8AM to 4PM.

Are the prices for the tours charged per group or per individual?

  • The tours are charged per group of seven (7). If your group is more than seven, then you would have to book an additional tour to accommodate all individuals in your group.
  • Cave connection tours shall be charged per group of 3.
  • Sumaguing Cave Tours shall be charged per group of 5.

Is there a registration fee for tourists?

Yes, the current registration fee for tourists is Php 100 each. You may pay this fee at the Tourism Hub in Sagada or at the Tourist Information Office.

Are tourists onboard public transportation allowed?


You may take the CODA Lines buses if you are coming from NCR.

You may take the GL Trans buses if you are coming from Baguio City,

I will be driving to Sagada; what route options do I have?
  • Option 1: Passing through the Baguio-Halsema Highway-Sagada route.
    • If you will only be passing through Baguio City, please register here.
    • If you will be staying in Baguio City before coming to Sagada, please register here.
    • Check Google maps directions here.
  • Option 2: Take the Tagudin-Cervantes-Sabangan-Dantay-Sagada route.
    • Check Google Maps directions here.
  • Option 3: Take the Nueva Ecija-Nueva Vizcaya-Ifugao-Mountain Province route.
    • Check Google Maps directions here.
  • Option 4: (For those coming from the Northern Regions) Take the Tabuk-Mountain Province route.
    • Check Google Maps directions here.

To avoid any delays in your entry, please make sure to:

  • Take the Dantay-Sagada road when entering the Municipality of Sagada and the South Road when exiting.
  • Plan accordingly so your time of arrival in Sagada (ETA) will be between 8AM to 5PM.

Are day stays allowed?

Currently, day tours are not yet allowed. Tourists intending to only pass through are also not allowed.

All tourists are required to stay at least 1 night in Sagada.