: Reference to the shield is derived from the provincial seal of Mountain Province where the town is located.

PINE TREE                              

: The pine tree holds a special place in Sagada’s existence and culture wherein the way of life in the municipality, from birth to death, revolve around this particular tree.


  : The sunflower is known for its aesthetic value and abundance; this particular plant has many uses in the community when it comes to medicine and agriculture.


: These represent the priceless natural legacies of the town. They give a unique identity that sets it apart from other municipalities in the province or even in the entire region.

RICE TERRACES                      

: Rice Terraces are a common feature and sight in any mountain village in the entire Cordillera region; they demonstrate superb indigenous agricultural engineering and depict the home of the sturdy Igorots.

Ipeyas nan Gawis         

: means “Spread the Good”, a guiding principle in the way man should relate with his fellowmen.