1) Mt. Ampacao Traverse - 3 hours loop hike from town center to Lake Danum view point the to Mt. Ampacao and down to the village of Demang or Ambasing, or vise versa.

Guide Fee - P1200 for 10 visitors or less

* Shutte Fee - TBS

2) Grassy Land/Marlboro - 3 hours of back trekking. It  is also a sunrise viewpoint.

* Guide Fee- P800 for 10 visitors or less for sunrise viewing (starts at 4-5 AM).

      - P600 for 10 visitors or less for trekking (starts at 8 AM onwards).

*Shuttle Fee- P650 for 10 visitors or less.

- P65 each for 11 visitors or more

3) Langsayan Danum Traverse - 3 hours hike or more, passing through a mossy and pine forest.

*Guide Fee- P1,000 for 3 visitors or less

4) Marlboro Hill to Blue Soil Traverse Trek -  a 4-5 hours trek. Sunrise viewing at Marlboro passing by a pine forest, down to blue-soil

*Guide Fee- P1,600 for 1 to 5 visitors.

- P300 each for 6 pax and above

*Transport Fee- P1,350