1) Eco-Tour - 3 hours of loop hike to the Church of St. Mary the Virgin then to the Echo Valley then next to the Sagada Underground River entrance while finally walking on concrete road to the Bokong Waterfalls.

*Guide Fee- P800 for 10 visitors or less 

- P1,600 for 11 to 20 visitors 

- P2,400 for 21 to 30 visitors 

*31 persons and above will pay P60 each

2) Adventure Trail - 3 Hours of trekking which is the same as the Eco-Tour. The difference is that the tour will include entering the Underground River then tracing the Latang River until coming out of Bokong Waterfalls.

*Guide Fee- P1,000 for 10 visitors or less

*31 persons and above will pay P100 each 

3) Paytukan Burial Site- 30 minutes of hiking from the tourist information center to have a close-up view of the coffins.

*Guide Fee- P300 for 1 to 10 visitors

- P400 for 11 visitors

- P600 for 12-20 visitors

- P700 for 21 visitors

- P900 for 22-30 visitors

- P1,000 for 31 visitors

- P1,300 for 32-40 visitors

*41 persons and above will pay 30 pesos per head

*Additional P10 Access Fee must be payed by each person