Allow me to welcome you to the official website of Sagada, dubbed as the Shangrila of the North!

A couple of decades ago, when internet was not yet conceived, backpackers travelled the long, bumpy, dusty winding road to Sagada for at least 7 hours solely driven and inspired by the excitement of reaching Sagada hoping to experience the thrilling accounts and tales from previous backpackers who have been to Sagada.

With the onset of the internet, you can now reach Sagada in just a click of a finger. This time, travelers are well-informed of what to expect when in Sagada. At the tick of a key, travellers are able to book their rooms, foresee tourist spots, and are able to visualize what Sagada provides even if they have not yet set foot in this town.

When in Sagada, there is no boring moment. Sagada is blessed with natural wonders. Begin your day with the sunrise view in Kiltepan, trek to the North and dive in the cool waters of the big Bomod-ok Waterfalls, or choose the smaller pool of Bokong Waterfalls, or dip in the cascading waterfalls of Pongas Falls South of town. Shout out your life's problems in Echo Valley, leave your worries under the trees while walking around the Episcopal Church Mission Compound, imagine good times while watching the water in Danum Lake. Behold the beauty of the rice terraces, enjoy the thrilling adventure in the Sumaging cave or dare to test your durability in the Cave Connection wherein you get into Lumiang Cave and exit in Sumaging Cave. Seal the day watching the setting of the sun in Danum Lake, or commence the night with a bonfire while stargazing.

Be with the local people and notice how proud they are being a part of the Indigenous people called igorots. They are sometimes mistaken to be rude when they reply and converse to you in soft straightforward manner without using the Filipino polite words of "po" or "opo". In reality, they are friendly, simple and scrupulous people who care for others.

Life in Sagada revolves around the day to day living occurrences, the occasional customary rites of families and frequent cultural festivities and rituals in the "dap-ay" where most of the "dumap-ays" take part in.

Enjoy browsing our website, but, best to set foot in Sagada.