Municipal Profile                         Table of Contents (Annual Report CY 2016)


The Local Government Unit of Sagada has been manned by 57 permanent job employees, 24 job order appointees, and 13 elected officials who each have done their duties and responsibilities in their respective offices efficiently and were able to come up with satisfactory reports.

The Municipality of Sagada has a total population of 11,540, composing of 6,103 male and 5,868 females. It is interesting to note that it is almost the same to that of the preceding year which is 11,498. Barangay Patay is the most populated 1,577 confined in 124 families, while Barangay Pide has the least which is 261 confined in 116 families.

As stated by the Municipal Treasure’s Report, total collection amounts to P60,420,539.67 a 9% increase from that of the previous year. The IRA, our share from National Taxes, amounting to P50,841,889.00 is the top source of the municipality’s collection. Fifty percent of the collected revenue which is P30,259,594.96 was allocated to total personnel services, the rest was allocated to maintenance and operating expenses, leaving a surplus of P11,366,379.28.

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office had assisted the needs of 1,312 Senior Citizens, 139 persons with Disability and 435 day care pupils.

The Municipal Registrar has reported 124 live births, a decrease from that of last year which is 143. Moreover, the office registered 72 marriages and 54 deaths.

The Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer reported  their accomplishments; topping the list of their activities is Trainings on Caving and Rescue Operations followed by validation, monitoring and abolishing hazardous possibilities that may cause misfortune during calamities. Numerous activities have also been undertaken such as fire and earthquake drills, rescue operations, clean-up drives and traffic assistance among others.

The Human Resource Management Office prepared 10 permanent job positions, approved and attested by the Civil Service Commission, 30 job order appointments, 8 summer job appointments, 3 Government Internship Program (GIP) appointments and 58 TUPAD appointments.

The Business Permits and Licensing Office has been constantly tending to the renewal and new application of business permits, such as traveling merchant’s permits, fiesta stall permits, tour guides, travel agencies among others. There are 392 registered business establishments of which 126 are Sari-sari store establishments, followed by lodging ventures as the most sought-after business undertaking. It is a pleasure to know that according to DTI, Regional Office, Sagada was rated as one of the top 20 competitive municipalities in the entire Cordillera Region for 2016.

The office of the Municipal Assessor prepared 31 Tax Declaration Transfer, 1,293 Tax Declaration Revisions and 28 New Tax Declarations.

The Municipal Agriculture Office distributed fish fingerlings to various fishpond owners, pullets dual type range chickens, and conducted trainings and meetings to the local community with the aim of increasing their income, production and improving their marketing strategies. Moreover, they distributed kalamansi, grapes, lemon and coffee seedlings, potato planting materials, green house materials and dragon fruit saplings to interested farmers. On their livestock program, they vaccinated dogs against rabies and poultry layers against New Castle Disease.

The Engineering Office submitted a report stating that all projects are 100 percent completed except for the improvement of Upper Panta Suyo which is still on-going.

The Legislative Department has approved 7 Ordinances and 139 Resolutions during the 42 regular meetings, and 4 special meetings that they convened. Said Resolutions and Ordinances dealt with diverse local issues and concerns.

The report of the Budget Officer revolved on efficient and effective budgeting services such as submission, consolidation, compilation, and delivery of reports and other necessary requirements from said office.

The activities of the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC) revolved around their functions such as attendance and documentation of meetings, issuance of data sets, and preparation of annual reports.

The Solid Waste Management (SWM) has reorganized the Solid Waste Management Board to help in the challenges of solid waste management especially waste segregation. The conduct of Waste Analysis and Characterization Survey in September, the organization of the Sagada Eco-Police in October, and the final closure of the open dumpsite at the Mission Compound last November 4 were the most recommendable accomplishments of the Solid Waste Management for the year.

The Tourism Industry decreased in the year 2016 with a total of 156,973 who registered at the Municipal Tourism Information Center. Using 2013 data as a baseline, tourist arrivals increased by 77% in 2014 and then doubled to 114% in 2015 and with 13% decrease in 2016. Based  on LGU data, around 147 legitimate tour agencies or with mayor’s permit bring in around 70% of the 156,973 registered tourists with a gross receipts of  P219,762,200.00 based on the lowest tour rates.