Municipal Assessor                        :Albert M. Bangsa-il

Tax Mapper                                  :Christy L. Buseley

Assessment Clerk II                      : Ruth Ann A. Lacasandile



  • To fully tap the income potential of the Real Property Tax through frequent physical surveys and thorough intensive appraisal and assessment of real properties.
  • To prepare and maintain tax maps showing graphically all properties subject to assessment in the province.
  • To establish a computer based assessment system.
  • To provide quality service to ensure clientele satisfaction.
  • Prepare, review, approve and recommend approval of FAAS for transfer/cancellation, revision/subdivision/consolidation, new assessment or real properties and identification of idle lands.
  • Preparation and issuance of certifications and true copy of tax declarations
  • Updating of assessment roll, record of assessment, journal of assessment transaction, ownership record card.
  • Issuance of owner’s copy and notice of assessments.
  • Assist tax payers to pay their taxes at the Treasury Office.
  • Regular updating of data bank system on Assessed Value, Market Value, Real Property Units, and Land Area.
  • Conduct inspection of real properties, appraisal of buildings and machineries.