Municipal Accountant                          : Richard  A. Aragon

Records Officer                               : Emilia D. Agpad

Cheryl April C. Castro                        : Accounting Clerk II

Clerk IV (Detailed from Mayor’s Office)       : Joyce Segyep



  1. Take charge of both accounting and internal audit services of the local government unit concerned.
  2. Install and maintain an internal audit services in the LGU.
  3. Prepare and submit financial statements to the Mayor, Sanggunain and Commission on Audit
  4. Apprise the sanggunian and other local government officials on the financial condition and operations of h the local government unit.
  5. Review supporting documents before preparation of vouchers to determine completeness of documents.
  6. Prepare statements of cash advances, liquidations, salaries, allowances, reimbursements and remittances pertaining to the LGU; and
  7. Prepare statement of journal vouchers and liquidation of the same and other adjustments related thereto.
  8. Post individual disbursement and receipts to the journals, subsidiary ledger and index cards.
  9. Maintain individual ledgers for officials and employees of the local government unit pertaining to payrolls and deductions.
  10. Record and post index cards details of purchased furniture, fixtures, and equipment, including disposal thereto, if any;
  11. Account for all issued request for obligations, maintain and keep all records and reports related thereto;
  12. Prepare statement of Comparison of Budget and Actual Amounts.
  13. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or ordinance.